Frequently asked questions

What are stem cells?
Most adult cells in the body have a particular purpose which cannot be changed. For instance, a liver cell is developed to perform specific functions, and cannot be transformed to suddenly take on the role of a heart cell.
Stem cells are different. They are still at an early stage of development, and retain the potential to turn into many different types of cell.

What is EMortal™?
EMortal™ is a multiple layered liposome. It has got a fractionated peptide concentrate derived from the Pea protein. The small peptide has been demonstrated to increase proliferation and expansion of stem cells and other cells of the dermis to generate new skin. Also the small peptide has been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production in the skin.

What is StemCello®?
Our innovative skin care products, StemCello® have been specifically formulated to allow EMortal™ to activate, preserve and protect skin stem cells. StemCello® is a liposomal cosmetic formula.
The uniqueness of StemCello® is its ability to activate the large reserves of dormant stem cells and fibroblasts in the skin owing to the signalling properties of EMortal™ present in it.

How does StemCello® work?
As we all age, the process of shedding skin cells and having new cells take their place slows down -- resulting in a loss of firmness and a dull, uneven skin tone. When the dormant stem cells in the skin of the face are awakened by StemCello® with EMortal™ -- the skin cells are revitalized, skin cell replacement becomes faster and the glow generated by healthy new skin becomes more apparent.

In addition to the revitalization of the skin cells and the skin cell replacement cycle, the activation of stem cells by StemCello® also causes an increase in production of dermal collagen and elastin. The resulting increase in the collagen-elastin matrix has a lifting and tightening effect on the skin and also gives the skin of the face a fuller, more supple look.

Are there any stem cells in StemCello®?
Absolutely not. Some researchers fear that it is possible that stem cell cosmetics with stem cell or stem cell extract or stem cell culture broth could unwittingly pass viruses and other disease causing agents to people who use the cosmetics.

There is particular concern that stem cells are currently cultivated using nutrients taken from animal sources, and that these could harbour diseases which could be passed on to humans.
Some research has also raised the possibility that stem cells may turn cancerous.

Does StemCello® work on all colors and types of complexion?