Our research teams innovate to also target hardened collagen fibers that worsen cellulite and accentuate the skin surface's bumpy appearance. For the first time in a slimming treatment, Stem Cello® includes the epidermal stem cell activator and to efficiently attack cellulite thanks to a triple action :

•  Prevent collagen fibers from hardening to fight against the aggravation of cellulite. And stimulates the synthesis of new collagen to soften the fibrous network.
•  Prevent adipogenesis by Isorhamnetin
•  "Fat-burning" active ingredients (caffeine, fat burning amino acids, and some phytochemicals) to facilitate contour reduction

Define and firm your stomach with this unique liposomal formula featuring an advanced toning complex that restores elasticity and tone to your skin. Isoramnetin protect from preadipocytes to adipocytes. It is originated from Marigold flower and a new adipose differentiation inhibitor. Green tea caffeine and fat burning related amino acid mixture break down fat cells and stimulates body circulation to tighten the skin around your waist.

Our slimming products help refine and reshape your silhouette and give the body a more toned, defined and firmer appearance. With time your skin will become smoother and firmer, and your silhouette remodeled.


100ml : 110 USD

This breakthrough body shaper helps you to maintain a beautifully contoured body shape. The unique formula contains carefully selected raw materials which moisturize & tone, improving skin texture for a slimmer silhouette. It is a powerful combination of ingredients like the stem cell activator, SliMax™, and FBA™ makes this cream an excellent product to eliminate the unwanted body fat deposit and cellulite.

Activated skin stem cells by the stem cell activator promote the production of fibroblasts and collagen in the skin tissue. The process improves elasticity of the skin. SliMax™ including isorhamnetin(a new adipogenesis inhibitor) is a potent anti-cellulite fighting ingredient mixture. It breaks down localized, newly established cellulite by suppress the adipogenesis. FBA™ is a special amino acid mixture to burn and prevent fats storage.

• Helps reshape and alter body contours.
• Stimulates the production of fibroblasts and the skin's natural collagen, while improving firmness and elasticity.
• Helps protect the longevity and maintain the function of human skin stem cells that are charging for whole skin health.
• helps to reduce areas most prone to stubborn accumulations of fat and puffy appearance.